Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Shanies: Video of the Year

In the past, my video award has gone to very serious, thoughtful pieces, and it has also been given to works of near cinematic genius. This year, I'm giving it to a bunch of duded who dressed up as zombies and chased athletes, because.... duh.

Destrage was one of my joyful finds of the year. In addition to producing one of the most frantically incredible albums I've ever heard by combining countless different music styles into a cohesive, catchy undefinable metal album, I quickly found out when they released the album's first video that these guys are bloody well hilarious. My Green Neighbour was already my favourite song on the album, partly due to it's head bobbing beat, but mostly due to it's insanity-infused breakdown, however, when they released the video... this was locked in as permanent gold.

Set the stage: people line up for a spartan race or something equally ridiculous. 3 fully made-up zombies appear in the back of the line with atheltic clothing and GoPros strapped to their heads and begin chasing everyone. The premise alone would have been enough to make for a great video, but it helps that these Italian shredders are also hilarious dudes that obviously had a lot of fun making this video.

And I suppose an honourable mention kinda has to go to Dave Grohl for the whole Sonic Highways thing... the album was meh, but the series was pretty damned incredible.

-I can't be blamed for craving more than I am