Friday, November 14, 2008

It's friday! What we lookin for?

My hands feel like they're ready to fall off. Iain and I jammed again last night, which unfortunately also involves around 2km of crutching for me to get home at the end of the session. This shit better be worth it. We've started recording some rough demos too, so I should have something to post soon.

And with no flowing segway whatsoever, just shut up and listen to Shelly Bhushan. She's got soul, she's got pipes, she's got catchy songs and I've got a pet monkey I call Newman. Ms. Bhushan is a Texan who thrust herself into the NY scene to try to leave a mark. Let's call that 'mark making' a work in progress.

She just tossed out her first album, Picking Daisies, and I say, it's one catchy piece of work. Run off to her myspace and check out the title track and a little number called Beautiful Me. The soul revival is always a welcome sight, especially when it's done well.

Also, big shot out to Jesse and Talksick. I hope you boys tear the Gates of Hell open on Saturday.

-If you loved me once, go love someone else