Friday, November 7, 2008

Lagwagon Week: Friday

As the more perceptive of you might start noticing, this is less of a 'Lagwagon Week' and more of an 'I love Joey Cape fanpage.' You guessed it, he's on the list; I'd go the gay for him. Fortunately, I have no journalistic integrity and am completely unapologetic about my bias, grammar, speeling, misuse of words and general hypocrasy in regards to this blog. In short, blow it out your ass.

To bring this week to a close, we'll take a gander at Cape's most recent side project, The Playing Favorites. I know the name sounds like a shitty emo band, but I assure you, they're more of a shitty pop band. Kidding. I enjoy the sound and again, I'm impressed by the musical diversity Cape has demonstrated this week, but don't go into this one expecting songs like Mr. Coffee.

Again, Joey pulled together some friends from his almost celebrity-esque phonebook (Silver Jet, The Rentals, Sugarcult) and formed up a band in 2007. Supposedly, their '07 release, I Remember When I Was Pretty was written in 5 days. I haven't heard the whole thing so this could either speak to really weak songs, or very adept, cohesive songwriting.

From the album they pushed forward one single, Waiting, which can be heard, and seen below.

Just to give you a heads up, next week we'll be back to normal (yet still broken) and I ordered another boxful of CDs. I really wonder how much money I could have if I didn't obsessively buy music.

-I'd love to sell out, but no one's buying in this recession