Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Purge me Clean

Three weeks, two days and counting... for those of you keeping track at home (ME!!). I'm feeling like I drank one too many pints on a Tuesday night and we're going to cheat a bit and draw on old work.

In March, the last time before this autumn that I was serious about this blog, I wrote once about an incredible Pop Montreal show I saw. The lineup featured Priestess (who have a new album coming out in the new year), Pride Tiger (who I'm seeing live in just over a month), and today's focus, The Binges.

Besides talking about the fact that one could pleasure one's self to Mayuko's guitar playing, I mentioned that for the opening band of the night, the Binges almost stole the show from the two powerhouses that followed (almost). Generally, they also had a good rock and roll philosophy. They drank pabst in their first video, they gave out lighters which also opened beer bottles and they were giving away their EP for free.

Now, around a year after I first saw them, they finally managed to push forward their self-titled debut onto the world. Once again, living in the stupid UK means I can't stupid get the stupid album (although, Monday, after blogging about The Speaking Tongues, I proceeded to order the album online, and have it delivered to the farm back in Manitoba for pickup at Christmas).

-More rock per cubic centimeter