Monday, November 17, 2008

Years gone... where were you?

Let's just go from the drop. Soulive is one of those bands that has been touring since the early 90's. While they've produced 9 full length albums to date, true to their name, the passion for this band stays in the live performance.

Call them a jam band, call them jazz, call them soul, call them funk, but most importantly, call them talented. They've managed to earn the respect of The Rolling Stones, Dave Matthews Band, The Roots, Common, and John Mayer while on tour with them, so I hope they can earn yours as well.

I don't have the time to get into it on a Monday morning, but if you ever want to invesitage the history of a old, dynamically changing band, look these boys up. Their revolving lineup has been as few as 3 and as many 9. They've done organic remixes of songs for hip hop MCs like Talib Kewli the Beatnuts and Jurassic 5.

And now, they play for you (ok, a year ago in Montreal... but just go with it).