Monday, November 10, 2008

Tongue Lashings

You know me. I'm quite predictable. If not, my name is Shane and I like rock n roll and blues. As such, you can likely conclude that the number of bands in the past 10 years who have been doing 'blues-rock-revival' type stuff have made me happy... very happy.

It all started with the Black Keys; a band I now worship on nearly the level of good scotch and Kraft peanut butter. However, I quickly learned that this sound was not indicative to one band, one region or even one style. Hell, even we Canucks are doing it.

Toronto managed to earn a couple points in my book (don't worry... it's still Toronto) by opening the world of The Speaking Tongues to me. Grungy, dirty, muffled and distorted two man rock n roll comes blaring through the speakers and what do you do? You should nod your head with elated satisfaction.

I won't lie, I don't know much about these boys other than the fact that they push out a wall of sound for a two piece. They share vocals back and forth, however it's difficult to tell since they have a very similar style. Their first album, Wild Sound, was released just this past summer, and since I'm now across the pond, I have yet to snag a copy. Grumble cakes.

Now be a good little girl and listen up.

-I washed my leg for the first time in 3 weeks. The skin actually dripped off it was so dead.