Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lagwagon Week: Wednesday

I know you'd all expect me to say something about the election this morning. Fuck that. There are more pressing matters at hand today. What the hell is this world coming to? I mean, the US just made history by electing a black man into office, and yet they're thinking of replacing Plant with the Creed dude? SERIOUSLY? This is the shit that keeps me up at night.

So to those of you who took a guess at today's post (read: no one... bloody cowards), no it will not be Me First and the Gimme Gimmes (where Cape plays guitar). I won't even bother touching on Joey's solo stuff. I'll be jumping leaps and bounds away from punk again and listening to Afterburner.

The band was formed as a simple, stripped down, acoustic project between Cape and friend Todd Capps. Again, don't be expecting to hear Lagwagon, or you're going to be disappointed. Clear your mind instead and be in the mood to catch a bit of full, soothing, acoustic relaxation.

I would most akin the acoustic stuff to what Grohl did with the second album of In Your Honor. It's a voice you know and love, but entering a completely different realm. The songs are simple, well written folk tunes and while it seems out of place, somehow it fits.

-Mostly made of Tuesday