Thursday, November 12, 2009

Open Wide

So, I don't always have to spend my days hunting down mind blowing new music. Every now and then, I find it important to trace back through your roots and listen to the bands you loved years ago. Often, I find as your musical skill, understanding and appreciation grows, you will find a whole new swath of things which you had never seen before.

In line with this theory, I picked up the just released Live! Montreux Switzerland DVD featuring Wide Mouth Mason's two performances at the famous jazz festival. They're a band whom I've loved for years and celebrated so many singles over and over again. However, watching this DVD gave me new respect for the musicianship, complex songwriting, and trueness to the blues & jazz that this band upholds.

If you're in Montreal, I'm expecting to see you at 3 Minots on Friday night.

-I'm a good man gone horribly wrong