Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Smokeless Stoner

It's funny; I've never been a stoner in my life and yet I've always had an uncontrollable draw towards stoner rock. There's something about the slow, drudging, head bobbing beats and thicker than molasses guitar riffs that jive right with me. Maybe I've got the music thing right and I'm doing life all wrong: I should really be smoking copious amounts of ganja to match my habits with my listening taste.

During my previous year in England, I chucked out a lot of stoner bands for you to see what might stick. I was hanging onto one but never did have a chance to write about them until returning home. The Kings of Frog Island have one of the greatest stoner names ever. In fact, it's quite relevant, as the boys are from Leicester (the inner city of which is called Frog Island).

Formed in 2003, this sludge trio has since released 2 full length albums and gained a great deal of notoriety in (surprise, surprise) Germany and Scandinavia. It's precisely what you've come to expect from my posts; mammoth riffs with ethereal harmonies laid over cooler-than-shit hopping beats.

Yes, we've come to that point where I've already said more than enough and I need to shut up and let you listen to the song.

-If a picture's worth a thousand words, then a song is worth nothing.