Thursday, November 19, 2009

Your name could doom you all

As I'm slowly coming off my last Vultures hit, I picked a bit of Canadiana as a come down. Way back in February, I made a little note about a Canadian 90's supergroup being formed from members of I Mother Earth, Our Lady Peace and The Tea Party. Months later, I'm back here to tell you that Crash Karma has been gigging (in fact, opening for Stone Temple Pilots) and has an album recorded and ready to drop in the new year.

The video below is pretty low qual, so I recommend checking out some of their tracks on myspace. I'm reserving judgment until I can hear the old album, because as a huge 90's rock fan, I feel like I should give these guys the chance they've earned. That said however, my early feelings are that these guys are setting themselves up for a fall. I have no real issues with their songs, but that's the biggest problem; they've been too safe. This band literally sounds like a collaboration between I Mother Earth, Our Lady Peace and The Tea Party... only done 15 years ago. What I think the guys missed is that it's almost 2010 and music (and listeners) have changed.

There is something to be said for going back to the good old days and reviving a genre of music (look at the number of successful 70's revival bands: Wolfmother, The Answer, The Darkness). I suppose I feel that still living in the 00's (or Naughties as I've heard it called) it's a bit early to be reviving the 90's. Next you're going to tell me that we're going to turn a blind eye to genocide in Africa, start wearing plaid again, enjoy a period of unrivaled, unjustified economic growth, watch the US interfere in Middle Eastern politics, and try to adopt a failing, easily ignored global environmental policy.

But that'll never happen...right?

-Spire of knowledge leave me blind