Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Balls Out Review

Leo Graziani, thou hath delivered. The man put me onto one of the most energetic acts I've stumbled across in 2011. And not a moment too soon... with 2011 dying down and the Shanies approaching, this year had almost come to a close.

The Jim Jones Revue is a modern revival of the early rock n roll acts like Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis. Toss in a healthy dose of punk rock and you get some of the most off the wall, in your face, blues soaked tunes to ever come off the island. Since their formation in 2007, they've pumped out two LPs: a self titled and the latest, Burning Your House Down. Not the most original sound in the world, but one that doesn't get played well enough or often enough, I highly recommend you hit that wonderful little play button below and enjoy the insanity.

-I got a lot of things on my mind but never one that comes shining through