Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Shanies: Artist of the Year

Let's just cut to the chase: undeniably, this was the year of the Foo. I love pumpin up the little guy as much as anyone else, but I'll challenge anyone to show me a band who accomplished more random, wonderful things in 2011 as the double F. Let's review:
  • They recorded an album with Butch Vig (the first time for since Dave since Nevermind) in Grohl's garage on completely analog equipment. Krist Novoselic and Bob Mould made guest appearances on the album. Wasting Light debuted at number one on Billboard.
  • Medium Rare a compiliation of Foo rarities was released in limited edition vinyl on Record Store Day
  • Back and Forth, a documentary about the Foo's creation and existence was released at SXSW in March and eventually hit DVD.
  • The Foo's organized a garage tour in support of Wasting Light, during which they traveled around North America and played tiny live shows in fan's shops and garages.
  • They shot a hilariously disturbing video titled 'Hot Buns' to announce their upcoming massive US tour
  • When the collective of the worst people in the world (aka the Westboro Baptist Church) protested outside their Kansas City show due to the homosexual nature of the Hot Buns video, the Foos wheeled up on a flatbed trailer to perform the most hilarious fuck you to the Church (see below)
  • They released music videos for Rope, Walk, and my personal favorite, White Limo, the last featuring Lemmy as a crazed limo driver.
  • They played Lollapalooza, Goat Island, MK National Bowl and have confirmed for both Leeds and Reading in 2012
  • This year alone they have shared the stage with Roger Taylor, John Paul Jones, Seasick Steve, Bob Mould and Alice Cooper
  • And finally, they officially expanded to a five-piece with the return of once-Foo and long time riff machine, Pat Smear
And that's just touching on the major highlights.

-We have just one award left, the coveted album of the year. BUT FIRST... you must suffer my ridiculous awards of 2011