Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shanies: The Rest

Always one of my favorite days of the year, 'The Rest' describes the awards that didn't really fit into their own day and, if I'm being completely honest, is yet another day for me to shoot my mouth off and rant about the year that was.  I usually don't plan all of these awards, so as I sit here in the new Winnipeg airport awaiting my flight back to Toronto, let's see what kind of creative juices start flowing.

Lifetime Achievement Award (R.I.P.) - C'Mon
It was a sad day when I heard of C'Mon's plans to wind down. After being a huge fan of Blurtonia and Bionic, I followed Sir Ian's new project with great excitement from the get-go. While it was amazing getting to see these guys play one of their last shows with a handful of people at Chemical Sound... it was a big price to have to pay. I got a fever... but the cure is no more.

'How Are You Still Alive and Making Music?' - Weird Al
 30 years and 13 freaking albums, 6 platinum and 3 Grammys?  How is this man still going strong?  Even more amazing, is that he isn't just old...he's popular (12 Million albums sold).

'I Play in a Band, so Fucking Listen Already' - The Noble Rogues
If you're not used to me shamelessly promoting my own band... deal with it.  Better yet... go fucking listen already:

'I Told You So' - The Sheepdogs
I hate to say I told you so, but.... oh wait... what's that?  Ah... apparently I LOVE to say I told you so.  Remember when I heard these guys play live almost 4 years ago and even was kind enough to share said information with you? YOU'RE WELCOME JERK!

'Enigmatic, or Maybe just an Asshole' - Tyler the Creator
Tyler and the whole OFWGKA game may have challenged the old adage, 'there's no such thing as bad press.'  While it is undeniable that Tyler was talked about a lot this year... a lot of people really hate him.  If it weren't for Goblin being such a damned good album and 'Yonkers' being one of the best hip hop songs/videos I've seen/heard in years... I'd probably hate him too.

'Congrats, you stayed in a room together long enough to make an album' - Jane's Addiction
And truth be told... for the first time in ages, I actually really got into JA. The album was solid, catchy and still fairly unique in construction, particularly this song:

'Creepiest Introduction' - Bran Van 3000
I won't kick the dead horse here... but I found out about the new album while peeing.

'Please, just stop making music' - Superheavy 
I know, you're Mick Jagger. We get it. Now please, stop.  You're hurting music.

-One more left kiddies!  Album of the year coming up tomorrow... or when I get around to it.