Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shanies: Introduction

Would you believe that I've now been writing this blog for almost four years, written over 300 entries, and managed to offend... well, a lot of people?  Me neither!!  Still, as I am a man who loves tradition, what would 2011 be without this year's annual Shanies?

I'll tell you what... probably the same as any other year, but you know what? I love pontificating and forcing people to listen to what I like, so I'll be doing it again. By my count (which isn't all that reliable given that I'm 8 drinks in), this is the 4th annual Shanie gala, which will run from tomorrow until I either get bored, tired, or run out of good awards. In addition, I'll be trying something new this year which is going to be a countdown of the top 10 for my album of the year.

So what is the purpose of this post? Really not much.  I just felt like writing, have a lot of scotch in me, and have access to wifi back on the farm. Still, you might feel a touch cheated, so at bare minimum, I'll give you something to tide you over until tomorrow when the real fun begins.

-I have nothing but everything for you