Saturday, December 24, 2011

Shanies: Video of the Year

We'll be taking a break for turkey, eggnog and family tomorrow, however, things will pick right back up again on I'll-kill-you-if-you-take-my-big-screen day (a.k.a. boxing day). As promised, today is going to be devoted to outstanding work in the visual arts.

TV On The Radio has always been one of those bands I approach cautiously. Their albums tend to be massive jumps forward in musical styles and I personally don't think this band knows the proper definition of the word 'safe'. As such, some of their music has been hit and miss with me. That said, when they hit... wow do they hit. After already being blown away by the release of Dear Science, I approached their latest, Nine Types of Light, with apprehension. However, once I caught their first single 'Second Song', I quickly let down my guard and embraced their latest masterpiece.

Still, we're not here to talk just about music. Almost more enjoyable than the song, the video for 'Second Song' combines stunning visuals with a cute, somewhat mysterious story, all of which blends seamlessly with the song. The video depicts a cute, tiny white figuring shaman who is creating a world around him under an aggressively evolving sky. He starts by creating a familiar world and exploring it before the entire land begins to tear its self apart and ultimately, ascend to something so much greater. Words don't do this video justice though... in fact, in order to properly describe this video, I would need:

4:22 video @ 30 frames per sec = ((4x60 + 22) x 30) = 7860 frames
1 picture = 1000 words
7860 x 1000 = 7,860,000 words

And while I love you, I'm not about to write a dissertation on this video.  Enjoy!

-Following Christmas, you've got the Song of the year coming your way