Friday, December 23, 2011

Shanies: Concert of the Year

2011 was yet another big year for concerts. I aggressively attended both CMW & NXNE in Toronto. I hopped the border to see the Black Keys destroy the stage just outside of Buffalo. A little birdie surprised me with tickets to see The Sheepdogs and Kings of Leon (who I hadn't really listened to before this... not bad) in the Bell Centre. I saw C'Mon play one of their last shows ever with only 20 people inside of Chemical Sound for a final live recording. I watched countless acts open and close for The Noble Rogues (though I never got to see them live... any good?).

However, it is difficult to compete with a hero. Perchance the fact that I only see him live every few years gives him an unfair advantage. Maybe because it was at one of my favorite venues in Toronto that this concert had an extra pull.  It also likely helped that I found this year's Rookie of the Year, Little Foot Long Foot, opening for him.  Yes, 2011's concert of the year goes to none other than Mr. Jordan Cook.

Even infrequent readers of this blog likely know of my unhealthy obsession with the Saskatchewan axeman. On June 18, 2011, I had beyond a night to remember. After watching a handful of fantastic openers to the night, Jordan took to the stage to captivate the painfully small audience (their loss) with his virtuosic guitar playing. But what really makes a JC show incredible isn`t just his playing. Jordan goes WAY beyond simply being a shredder and knows how to lose himself in the music, push himself outside of his comfort zone and bring a new feel, sound and experience to each of his shows (believe me, I`ve watched enough live videos).

Check below for a quick clip from that fateful night, followed by one of my personal live favorites.

-The day after today? That's not tomorrow! That's Video of the Year day!