Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Preface [pref-is] noun, verb: An introductory part, as of a speech.
I hate Buckcherry.

Body [bod-ee] noun: That is one smoking piece of ass.
It's great when bands have 1 fucking diva member that mess it up. Billy Corgan killed the Pumpkins (and I'm amazed that they lasted as long as they did), Travis Meeks scared the rest of Days of the New into starting a new project called Tantric (not that anyone cared), Judas fucked up that whole Jesus' 12 apostles thing... you get the idea.

What is however, often a very difficult thing to do, especially being the pretentious asshole that I am, is to respect a band (or parts of a band) after they're proven to be dicks. The unfortunate reality is that often the actions of 1, ruin it for everyone (just like everyone in Paper Street were a bunch of white shoe wearing drunks who were obsessed with their own inane amplified ramblings between songs). However, when I'm able to get over my awesomeness and swallow my pride, I can actually find some cool things.

Don't ask me why I was reading about Buckcherry, but somehow I found out that Josh Todd, their singer, was the real reason why this band came off as a bunch of hacks writing songs about 'fucking so good' and having drunk sex. Apparently though, I wasn't the only one who hated Todd. Not long ago, the entire band, save Todd, walked away from Buckcherry to form a new band titled Black Robot. They picked up Detroit based singer Huck Johns, and well... fought back some respect.

Black Robot returns to some of the good roots of classic rock and does it very well; layering vocal harmonies over top of insane solos and catchy as all hell riffs. In addition, I think they finally realized the immaturity of Josh Todd's lyrics and handed the pen to someone with a mind slightly older than 5 years. A lot of their new material touches on American invasions of foreign countries and global injustices. Granted, they also have a song called Badass... but hey, I was hoping for something better, not a miracle.

Conclusion [kuhn-kloo-zhuhn] noun: the end or close; final part.
Black Robot rocks, and almost makes up for years of shitty music with Buckcherry... almost.

-I shot a man in reno, but left before anything happened. The news the next day said that he was rushed to emergency and after a 7 hour surgery, was able to be saved. I went to the hospital and shot him again... this time just to watch him die.