Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It was a guitar...

So, my big plan was to pull back a tad and get into regular posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. However, today was a rather slow work day, so we're getting a Tuesday 'bump' post. You'll be glad to know as well that I just dropped around £100 online on new CDs, so I should have no shortage of material to talk about over the next month.

Continuing through my big 'modern-classic-rock' push, I just found a great new band called Super 400, from New York. When I discovered that they've been around since '98, I proceeded to order all 4 albums they've pushed into the world. Let me tell you, as a band who has enjoyed only moderate success in the US and even less overseas, this was not a simple task.

Super 400 is fronted by a guy named Kenny Hohman, who's only purpose in life was to be in a band. He was one of those dudes who grew up listening to Cream, Clapton, Hendrix and Zeppelin, all along knowing that was where he was headed.

Each progressive release has shown continuous improvement from this band; growing as writers, and growing in their comfort together as a band. 3 and the beast reminds me of a Black Crowes album from the glory days (Shake Your Money Maker if you please), or even chasing back further to roots in bands like Cream. They're back in the studio, and I personally rub my hands together with glee at the opportunity to expand my already disturbing CD collection with more gold like this.

Oh, and their name? It is one of the most sought after Gibson's ever made, from way back in the 40's and 50's.

-Carbon based is ok, but sometimes it would be nice to be a little different.