Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hey, me too!

Were you an angsty teen?
Mee too!!
Did you think musicians understood you better than anyone you knew personally?
Did Rage Against the Machine fill you with the suburban detest you needed?
I'm the same!! (ok, farm detest)
Have you ever been a lion?
FUCK! Me neither!!

That all being the case, I think you'd dig One Day as a Lion. After Zach de la Rocha left rage, the music scene definitely suffered. He'd been hiding in the underground for quite some time as well, doing a lot of work with political movements and other such anarchist stuff that I'm not cool enough to be apart of. He did pop up briefly with DJ Shadow for a single track collaberation called March of Death. There were even rumors along the way that Rage might be getting back together, but in retrospect, it looks like that was just a couple reunion performances.

ODAAL however, has the potential to do some damage. Zach teamed up with Jon Theodore; a former drummer/percussionist for The Mars Volta (in other words... he's likely alright at what he does). They released a 5 track EP back in July, with the first single being Wild International. You check out this track on their myspace, however short of buying the EP, you may not hear much else of these boys for a while; they don't appear to plan on playing live and the project seems to be the slow moving type.

Still... kinda makes you feel 15 again, right?

-Bottle up my problems and I'll drink those too