Thursday, September 18, 2008

Never has grace been so eerie

I'll level; this morning, I'm tired and in the mood for something somber. As such, it was apt timing that I, just this week, stumbled upon the UK's Tina Grace. As of yet, I still am somewhat unable to classify this brilliant, yet disturbing female vocalist. Her myspace labels her as 'acoustic, alternative, latin' but I could think of around 10 other words to throw in there.

The most akin thing I've been able to connect thus far is a similar, stripped down and fragile vocal presence a la Portishead's Beth Gibbons. She has the same, ghost-like whisps of perfect melody which sit idly over top minor progressions of massive string sections. The main difference is that Grace lacks the trip-hop beats which bob Portishead along.

My discovery of Ms. Grace was made via a collaberation with Fink (see article Hey Rat Fink!). They did a track entitled Hush Now, which appeared on Fink's softmore release. You can find this track on Tina's myspace. In addition, you can find what is fast becoming my new favorite track Sleep in Trees.

-I bet you are flying inside.