Monday, September 8, 2008

Time for Your Daily Beating!

So, stop me if I'm just repeating myself, but a few weeks back, I found myself waiting for a bus just outside of The Bear; a pub in Oxford just off High St. In the distance, I heard a sound which grabbed a hold of me. It was rock.

You have to understand something; when it comes to rock... Oxford... just... doesn't. The music scene here is already a bit barren compared to Montreal (justifyiably, the place is only 100,000 people). However, the few bands that do exist are artsy-post-modern-emo-indie-holier-than-thou pieces of tripe, whom are primarily just trying, and failing, to be as innovative as Radiohead.

But what I heard that night was the good stuff. I walked away from the bus stop, fully aware that I was likely to miss the bus and have to wait a while for the next. When I arrived at the stage, I knew it was worth it. A simple 2 piece adorned the stage; a drummer, and a guitarist playing an old Fender through... what the fuck... a distorted to hell bass amp.

No vocals, no pretention, no bullshit... pure riffs. And their name was 50ft Panda. I liked these boys. I stuck around for the rest of their set and then skamperd off to catch a late bus. The next day, I did some research, and was continually impressed with what I saw.

I'll let you dig a bit on your own though. I highly reccomend the song Gen Dinn which is on their myspace or available for download off their site. In addition, I stumbled upon a pretty cool gem of these guys in the studio, which you can see below.

-Does this taste like recycling to you?