Friday, September 26, 2008

It doesn't matter if you didn't ask

I have The Answer.

Forgive my lame jokes and pathetic antics, but there are very few bands who could pull off a name this blunt and self-righteous (for failures, see The Music). No one would think that a band pulled together from a few corners of Northern Ireland would have what it takes to revive that true classic rock feel Zeppelin, but I suppose if anyone is going to do it, they should be from the island.

They played together for a few years, shoving out a couple of self-funded EPs before generating enough buzz to be signed by Australian label Albert Productions. To this day, they have yet to sign a deal with one of the major US labels, however I can't see it that far off. Their LP, simply titled Rise, has not even been released in North America yet (and it's already had a special edition release in the UK and Aus).

They've already generated ridiculous buzz in the music community with awards from Classic rock magazine and Kerrang!, performing with Aerosmith, Deep Purple and Whitesnake and receiving kudos from greats like Zeppelin and Def Leppard.

In short, I think they're just holding off their US release so that they can completely decimate the music industry with rock.

-Send the kids to the neighbours, I'm off to Oktoberfest and comin' home drunk