Monday, December 15, 2008

And the award for best name ever goes to...

Let this post be a preface, warning, and apology. I, just like anyone else who writes about music and has an opinion, will be publishing a week long set of awards over the holidays which I will call 'The Shanies". That's RIGHT everybody, I'm drunk with power... and whiskey and I've got a blog!!! Awards will range from the very serious (best rock pose) to completely inane (man I would give a reach around to).

While I realize we still have a week until I'm off on holidays, I thought I would give a quick preface of what to expect... which is of course going to be NOTHING like my actual implementation since I have no continuity, journalistic integrity, moral sense of right and wrong, libido, ability to work with human emotion in sensitive situations or bow-staff skills. Anyway, beyond just 2008, the award for greatest name of all time is being laid down to Jersey's own The Atomic Bitchwax.

There's not too much to say about these guys (hence the painfully long intro). They're a 3 piece from Jersey who formed in the mid 90's and have producted 4 albums to date. One notable note would be that their founding guitarist was of Monster Magnet fame (remember them?).

Otherwise, it's a Monday morning. It's rock n roll. What more do you want from me?

-I feel like a fucking addict whenever I scream 'I NEED SNOW' on a British street