Sunday, December 28, 2008

Shanies: Best Song

This is one of the two categories this year that I was not looking forward to (the other being album) for two reasons. First, anything I say is going to be picked apart by all 3 people that read this thing and secondly, I'm probably going to be picking apart my own decisions and second guessing myself the entire time my mouse hovers over the 'publish post' button.

I'll remind you once again, these are the Shanies: my fucking awards and I'll cry if I want to. Still, my musical taste transcends space, time, and the American way, so this should be pretty close to perfect.

Runners up this year were plentiful (I even had to cut down the runner up list) and included:

The Trews - Hold Me in Your Arms
One Day as a Lion - Wild International
The Black Keys - Psychotic Girl
Sweatshop Union - Gold Rush
Bronx - Knifeman (what a fucking drum beat!!)

However, in the end, this year's award went to an old favorite. The Black Crowes once again blew my mind with the second track off their latest entitled, Walk Believer Walk.

What is it about this song? Put it up against some of my usual favorites and you notice it's a drag-your-feet, half-stoned, warning of a ballad. However, as soon as you let your head bob to the slow, soothing beat, you can feel the soul of Chris Robinson screaming through the speakers at you. Rich's once again brilliant riff sets the stage for a song which grabs you and makes you pay attention through every dragged beat, every solo, and every pouring out of mind and soul.

In short, this song's got fucking heart, which, as a rarity in this day and age, needs to be acknowledged and supported.

-Lay back and let your body do the talkin'