Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shanies: Comeback

This was a big year for revivals. There were a sea of bands who many considered to be one foot in the grave who jumped back into the limelight for one last hurrah. Whether it be Axle's "Guns n Roses" return (which is bullshit without Slash), Metallica spending more time with their therapist, or ACDC proving that they're still cooler than everyone, the pie had a lot to share.

However, my comeback award is going to a group which one could even argue, didn't leave, they just took 11 years to make an album. That group is Portishead and the wait... was worth it. Simply titled 3, they proved that they did not have their finger on the pulse of music, they are the pulse. Originality is a difficult thing in the world of music but to make an album which is both original and accessible, therein lies a task for the greats.

The album of the year is that last award remaining! While I may write it tomorrow, being in-transit will likely prevent me from posting until I settle nicely into a hangover back in Oxford on the 1st.

Until then... fuck '08! I'm ready for something new!

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