Thursday, December 18, 2008

My penis plays wicked sweep arpeggios

Cock rock is a genre which is often avoided like the plague because of it's association with beer swilling, low-IQ ridden jocks and other such personas which kicked the shit out of the likes of you and I when we were little. Far too often, this music conjures up visions of swirlies, and most of the time, it's predictable and rather dull.

However, to every rule, there is an exception. LA, of all places in the world, would be the spawning grounds for mysterious and mythical Sasquatch. We're not going to fuck around; what it is is what it is. This is power chord driven, amps to 11, catchy as all hell, rock. It doesn't even roll... it just rocks.

Where we have to pay respect however is in realizing the difference between a band like this and something like Creed. Cock rock in its proper form is trying to emulate the 70s forefathers which made it cool (ACDC, Sabbath, Maiden). The catch is that most musicians suck, and end up producing something which sounds like any one of those bands, without a heavy drug influence (read: absolute fucking bollocks). However, I assure you: people from LA know how to do drugs.

Check the video below, and also take a trip over to their myspace and check the song The Judge.

-PS: Sorry about the missing post this week... crazy times leading up to my travel home and next week's start of the Shanies!!

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