Monday, December 1, 2008

More from the Brass Section

I was at a formal dinner down in Oxford on Friday night and I determined something rather sinister. This dinner, filled primarily with academics and a few unholy gate-crashers such as myself was served with miniscule portions of food, and ridiculous servings of wine. Now, I'm all for getting right pissed, but when the catering company forces it on you just to cover up how bad their main course is, I feel somewhat cheated.

I played rock and roll yesterday though, so the weekend wasn't that bad. This morning, I woke up hoping to see absolute bedlam in the morning markets (since this is the day RBS is diluted by the UK government) however so far, things seem stable.

And the world turned, and Pearls & Brass rocked. Once again, I'll warn you that supposedly as of Oct. 2008, these guys are on hiatus. Me thinks they just couldn't handle that amount of rock, because believe me, there is a lot. Keeping true to the words 'stoner metal' these guys fit right up there with Priestess, Wolfmother and many of their 70's heroes. Plus, they're from Nazareth, PA, which I always just thought sounded cool.

-You just see half my mind; I've got half a mind to leave

PS: I just found the coolest Christmas gift idea ever.