Monday, December 22, 2008

Shanies: Best Live Act

That's right ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and the roughly 20-30 people that google analytics tells me actually read this thing daily, (oh yeah, I'm watching you... who the fuck is the person that lives in Oslo?) it's time for the SHANIES! My holiday officially started on Friday (and my hangover hasn't slowed since) and I'll be counting off the best and worst of 2008 for the next 2 weeks (that is when I don't feel completely lazy).

Today's choice was an easy one, which is why I started with it. I'm waking up in London and I still have to do some xmas shopping before catching my Atlantic flight, landing in Calgary and driving to Edmonton to allow Mr. Ritchie the opportunity to violate my liver. The best live act this year was unquestionably Israel's Monotonix.

I didn't need to see these guys live to know they were the real deal. Watching some of their videos, one could detect the energy of the crowd, the insanity of the show, the fucking fun being had man! This was all capped off when I read a review about their Halifax pop explosion concert: "when the show moved outside, where Shalev hung from traffic lights while guitarist Yonatan Gat wailed on top of a van." You can't make that shit up.

-I have to pee... really; I held it in the entire blog