Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Murderous Brothers

Taken from the almighty Wikipedia:
"The Soledad Brothers were three inmates at San Quentin State Prison charged with the murder of guard John V. Mills in 1970. George Jackson, Fleeta Drumgo and John Clutchette were said to have murdered Mills in retaliation for the killing of three black prisoners by a guard, O.G. Miller, at Soledad prison in California."

Taken from the almighty Shananigans:
"Dude... the Soledad Brothers fucking rock."

So, you can argue over which version of the brothers we're talking about, and whom has been more historically influential... but the murdering brothers didn't ever make me tap my feet like these three boys from Detroit.

Their first album was produced by Jack White and I can't see why not (other than the fact that Soledad actually has a good drummer). They even incorportate some tenor sax into some of their recordings and live gigs, as you can see below.

-Broken free of the inverted prison