Thursday, January 22, 2009

I have a really smart dog

First off, let's just say that if you live anywhere on this tiny little english island, I'd better see your ass at the Jericho Tavern on Friday night. On pain of death from these callused fingers, I will destroy you.

There's a term that doesn't get used enough... I will destroy you.

Right then, I'll come clean; I've been busy as hell at work and haven't had time for my usual forays through wikipedia, google, myspace, and many other sources of music hunting. As such, my list is getting a little low. I was really in the mood for something heavy this morning, but all I could turn up was an offshoot band from Cave In.

Don't take that statements with ill intent. Pet Genius are a great band, they simply are Steve Brodsky's adventure towards lighter, almost poppy rock. It's very catchy, bouncy kind of stuff, and in addition, I'm always amazed at Brodsky's diversity. In the seemingly hundreds of side projects he has or has had going, each one seems to have a very different feel. For me, PG just feels a little too wussy this morning. Maybe I'll check back in a couple days.

-Your dirty side better come clean