Thursday, January 8, 2009

Your better half?

YAY!!! I get to talk about the Black Keys!!

Well, not exactly. We all know the typical rock star schedule; rise to God-like stardom and what do you do next? Release a solo album! Yup, Dan Auerbach will be sneaking away from Patrick for a moment to churn out his own little side project.

I know exactly what you're thinking; how is this going to sound any different when he's coming from a two piece? Besides, we all know drummers aren't musicians anyway, so isn't it like the Keys has practically all been a solo project?

*Dodging drumsticks*

The short answer is no, this likely won't be much different from the Keys, and that's fine by me. Odds are, after nearly 10 years and 7 albums together, the boys likely just need a break for something different. For Auerbach, that break will come with the release of Keep it Hid on Feb. 10 and the subsequent US tour.

Now go listen to The Prowl on his myspace already.

-Killing time without remorse