Thursday, January 29, 2009

Holla back, boy?

There are 3 important reasons why I love Hollerado.

1) They are the hardest working band in the world
2) They are giving away their album for free
3) I have a bromance-esque crush on Nick

1) I know big rock stars claim and complain about grueling tour schedules. They'll often spend a full year doing 200 or more shows all around the world. However, for all their stardom... they still get days, and even weeks off. I direct you to look at the image at the top of the boy's myspace. Yes, that is a complete month with no home, no breaks, no slowing down. The Hollerado residence tour may just be the most ridiculous and impressive string of shows I've ever seen.

2) Stop being a dumbass. You should have realized that when I mentioned the word free at the start of this blog, you should have gone directly to their website and downloaded Record in a Bag. I've got a couple of the infamous demos in a bag and while this LP has a few repeats, there are some incredible songs on this record which I hadn't heard before and have been loving. This recording shows the progression of, in my opinion, an already great band.

3) What? Ever since Paper Street played a show with Hollerado over a year ago, I've had these urges. I just wanna grind Nick up and snort him.

...And there goes any resemblance of a line that may have once existed.

-Going, going... gone. I've been sold too cheap