Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Could you be any more british?

So, it's a new year and a new schedule. I'm going to try out the Tues/Thurs thing for a while, seeing as how, given my current workload, I still haven't figured out when I'm sleeping. I promise, if life gets more relaxed, I'll go back to MWF.

Getting right back into the spill of the UK, I thought I'd introduce all you NA's to what England has become. Never has a song more perfectly defined so many elements of idiotic english blokes getting pissed and trying to pick fights in bars.

And for all of this, we have Brighton's Floors and Walls to thank. This is the type of song, and band, which you either love, hate, or sit there for a minute or two scratching your head about. I respected it because it's both catchy and original, but at the same time, do have to admit to wanting to bash the lead singer's head in. I swear, it's only because his face is all screwed up.


I'm a man... I'm not supposed to be able to spell words like neglege