Monday, January 12, 2009

Firstman standing

Big week coming up for me and the rogues (read; Iain). We're hoping to play an open mic on Wednesday, a show in London in Saturday, and another gig next week in Oxford. Don't worry though baby, I'll still make time for you.

I'm going to venture towards pop today, so please, forgive my wicked soul. In fact, our discussion point today actually has the job of musical director for Carson Daly's house band. Still, he's a cool guy, and a good 'ol boy from Carolina. You ever heard of Joe Firstman?

Nah, me neither. Still, worth a listen early in the week if you need a bit of energy in the morning (I say while blogging in my underwear at 8am, still needing to get dressed for work).

-Don't say I didn't warn someone... just not sure who