Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Do frogs mate asexually?

So, around five or six years ago (fuck we're getting old) I was organizing the engineering frosh for McGill. Back in these good 'ol days, we used to always throw one hell of a party at Montreal's Le Swimming (RIP). The year I threw it, I recall being outraged by the cover they wanted to charge us for each froshie through the door. Something about some really good musician playing.

Then it all made sense. We arrived at the venue and after some time a single man took the stage. His name was Robertson, and he was possibly one of the best live performers I've ever seen. At the time, he was working with Kid Koala on a project called Bullfrog. However, that night, he was all alone. While he set the stage with drum tracks pre-recorded for him by the lazy bear himself, Mark Robertson then proceeded to play guitar, sing, and keep a bass line running on an old foot organ. Bloody savants.

My buddy Linksy bought his 4 track EP, which I borrowed, ripped, and have listened to obsessively for the last 5 years. However, a new ray of hope shone through just recently; Robertson just released his latest album, Favorite People, for free on his website. The best part about this find was that he included one of my favorite tracks from the EP (Certain Shade of Green) on his new album.

Check the vid below, and go to his website and download the full length album!

-Time it takes ain't long enough to forget