Thursday, March 19, 2009

Choking on the leftovers

Nothing warms my heart than hearing about a band rise from the ashes of a former band that I loved which, for one reason or another, went tits up. Wow... lent must be getting to me because that comment actually turned me on a bit.

Choke was a fucking awesome, nay... REALLY fucking awesome band from Edmonton. They pioneered an entirely new sound of techy-progressive punk rock which would pave the way for an army of copycats to follow. After going strong for 13 years, it was time to pack it in.

However, Shawn Moncrieff and Clay Shea (who in my opinion were the driving creative force of the band) decided that they weren't done having fun. They formed Passenger Action and things just clicked. The songs flowed like cheap wine and within months, they were signed to Choke's old home, Smallman Records.

They're now doing the Canadian name proud, as they've released their self-titled debut and are nearly finished a cross-Canada, winter tour. I tip my glass to the fellow prairie boys for having the balls to jump in a van and pack it across thousands of kms of snowy wasteland.

The least you could do is listen.

-If it's not right, it must at least be good