Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Darryl Wins

Big thanks to D-rock for pointing out a band which has been sitting under my nose this entire time, while I've been too busy finding bands back in Montreal or obscure post-sludge prog from Scandinavia.

She has so graciously turned my eye inward and directed my attention to Mr. Frank Turner. After fronting Million Dead for years, Frank would go lone-gunman on us after MD's breakup in '05, and in my opinion, make a change for the better. Million Dead was labeled as a post-punk/hardcore band... but really, I just hear a british rock band who occasionally tries to emulate At the Drive-In.

When Frank broke off though, he brought a unique modern take, and angry lyric feel to traditional folk music. Taking a lot of the classic punk, hardcore, and rock tricks and applying them to a small band with an acoustic guitar and a fiddle, Turner made a music which is both accessible, and still makes you feel like a rebellious teen. Perhaps his greatest contribution is the pairing of gang vocals to a hoppy-folk song.

He's now got 2 EPs under his belt and two full lengths. Love Ire & Song was just released midway through 2008, and Turner has been touring on it recently. As a testament to how out of it I am, this is a man who is playing 4 sold out shows in late April and I'd never even heard of him until yesterday.

-You be queen for the day, I'll be king for the night