Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A riddle for you

Why is Manitoba so windy?

Because Saskatchewan blows and Ontario sucks.

While I'll not deny a moment on the latter, I'm slowly trying to defend the former, primarily because I'm realizing over time that MB and SK are identical, aside from we have a few more lakes and trees, and some funny shaped political boundaries because of Hudson Bay (at least, by comparison to a fucking rectangle).

Alas, I do have to admit that were it not for SK, we'd be sans such amazing acts as Jordan Cook, Joni Mitchell, Wide Mouth Mason, and Colin James. In addition, some new life is being breathed back into the squatch by means of good 'ol fashioned rock and roll. Hats off to The Sheepdogs.

A standard foursome from Saskatoon, these boys do the word rock justice, and bring it back to their roots. Closing one's eyes, you can almost catch a brief glimpse of a younger Neil Young. Don't expect grinding riffs like Tricky Woo. Don't be waiting for Danko Jones to make your knees shake with his voice. Do expect to hear some solid, big beat rock and roll.

-Gotta trust in Love when Love's all we got