Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ruskie Broadcasting

Hi there... how you doing? Awww yeah.

Sorry, I just found 2 awesome stoner rock bands and I'm kinda stoked. You get one today but the other waits until you've finished your Monday.

Uggg... I just sneezed all over my laptop.

Radio Moscow had my respect before I heard I single note. You see, if Dan Auerbach decides to produce your album, you have an immediate in within my books. It helps if once you start playing, you're as good as RM, but that's really only in continuation factor.

What you're hearing is that sought after 60's fuzz tone which defined a generation, and in my opinion, never died. It all started in 2004 after Parker Griggs was playing around with a solo project in his basement. After a while, I suppose he got lonely and filled out to a 3 piece. After that, I guess it was just a simple hop, skip and a jump to get signed by Auerbach's Alive Records.

They released their self titled debut in 2007 and are just under a month away from their softmore effort, Brain Cycles. So far, I've only heard one track off the new album titled, Broke Down but so far, I like what I hear. They've tightened up their ensemble since 2007, added a bit more edge, and learned a few new riffs.

All in all, I think it should be a good old fashioned, heavy-petting-good-time.

-Dive right in and swim in my liquid soul