Monday, March 30, 2009

A No Brainer

Alright, if my favorite non-lesbian duo other than Calvin & Hobbes decides to take a quick break while one of them does a side project, what the hell do you think the other one is going to do? Yes, you'd better believe it; Teller is going to host a talk show.

Man... I did not see that one coming. I'm actually referring to the inane wanderings of my mind.

Also, after Dan Auerbach decided NOT to Keep it Hid (alright, these word puns are even starting to piss me off), his abusive cohort, Patrick Carney, joined up with a few friends to create the misleadingly titled Drummer. Misleading because in fact, Carney will not be drumming, but playing the bass.

While Auerbach's aside was similar to the Keys, but much more stripped down, basic, and traditional, Drummer is playing around in the indie end of the pool, or as I call it, the shallow end. Sadly, while I love The Black Keys, I can't put my stamp of approval on this, simply by association. The one track up on their myspace sounds like synthetic diarrhea, but without the cleansing relief. I just can't bring myself to like pretentious, ambient indie music. That said, there's still a full album of material I have yet to hear, and I only hope they prove me wrong.

In the meantime, let's just let Dan make it all better.

-Just try to make me smile from your candy tower