Thursday, March 26, 2009

Clean that Shit Up

So, since the departure of Rage, I've watched Tom Morello's career in eager anticipation. He's spent a long time fighting the good fight and trying to make change with his solo career, the Nightwatchman. However, I have to say that it was difficult listening to the dude who taught me to hate The Man, strumming away on an old out of tune acoustic.

As such, all hail the mighty Street Sweeper. Morello teamed up with Boots Riley, an MC from The Coup, creating a sound which is unique in its self, but still carries a small hint of the old days with De La Rocha.

To make matters better, it was recently announced that Street Sweeper would be touring with NIN and Janes Addiction AND have a new album ready for the summer. If you haven't heard of this tour yet, please go take a look at what's being dubbed the NIN|JA tour. At least let the cheap bastard in you flourish and download the free EP they're offering with 2 awesome Street Sweeper songs.

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