Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Be vewy vewy quiet.

Nothing to do with Rabbits, but seriously STFU; my head is killing me.

It'll be a brief post today kids; daddy's nursing one of the biggest 3-day-oktoberfest-induced hangovers of his entire life and is currently having trouble with the sound of keystrokes. I'm going to cheat a bit as well and talk about an artist who I blogged about back in April, but has recently made another inroad into my life.

Back when I used to run an open mic at Hurley's in Montreal, I met this amazing guitarist named Eric who put me onto Don Ross. Ross is a Canadian fingerstyle guitarist originally born in Montreal, but currently living in Toronto (which we'll try not to hold against him).

Just last week, Allison and I bought Iain a drumkit for his birthday. The guy who I bought the kit off was a great musician, and we had a good chat together. During this chat, we bonded over Don Ross, and I found out that Edward (the man selling the kit) had actually done a week long course under Ross just last summer.

I thought that was cool. I also think this video is cool.

-What I don't find cool anymore is litre steins... or loud noises.