Monday, December 21, 2009

Shanies: Best Riff

I feel like I'm Homer in the scene from a Simpson's Halloween episode way back when, being force fed doughnuts. I've eaten too much... again... dear god why do I do this to myself?

RIGHT... I'm supposed to write about music. In my wonderfully lethargic state, I want to present to you 2009's riff of the year. I need to say this was another tough call, which brings up a more important point which I should mention: 2009 was an incredible year for music. A lot of really good releases came out, and a number of bands...

You know what, I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open and the wine & fondue are currently fighting for space in my body. Chickenfoot won this year's Shanie for their completely meaningless song, Soap On a Rope. In fact, I should give the award to Satriani alone, with an honourable mention to Chad Smith for being awesome, but I guess you can`t really do that. Still... Sammy Haggar needs to learn something about music, or at least how to write lyrics that make SOME kind of sense. I mean, for the love of God, "I`m in a room, I got funk, hot damn, free punk."

Like I said... this award was for the riff... not the song, and DEFINITELY not the lyrics.

-Seriously... can we make Sammy Haggar sterile?