Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Your head asplode

I spent the weekend in the studio, laying down a few tracks for a little holiday gift. It's incredible what that experience will do to rekindle your interest in music, and more specifically, rock and roll. Having the opportunity to build on my creations, try things I've never been able to, and hear myself in a way I'd never experienced has got me even more excited about rock music, and fittingly, I've stumbled across a new line of amazing bands, which fit oh-so-nicely into my comfort zone.

Rocketface is a Toronto based trio who, I won't lie, sounds a great deal like acts such as Jet and Sloan. They obviously bring their own sound and influence to the forefront, but even still, there is nothing wrong with having a 'type' or 'genre'. I just spent the whole weekend trying to sound like Tricky Woo and Pride Tiger, so I'm definitely not one to judge.

They've been playing together since high school and it shows in their tightness. Beyond just catchy hooks and driving beats, I found myself really digging on lead singer Joseph Janisse's voice. I was even more so impressed when I found out that he's the drummer. While I have a hard enough time doubling up on the guitar, I can't even begin to imagine how drummers do it.

For now, I'm going to just keep assuming that those few drummers who sing & play at the same time are bastard-child, half-devils which Beelzebub has scattered about the earth as sleepers to one day wake and do his unholy bidding.

You heard it here first.

-Bad things are on the way with all the fun you've had today