Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Shanies: Hardest Working Band

Some people might call this award a lame excuse to promote a band which I believe should 'make it' (whatever the hell that means in this day and age) ahead of just about any other band in the world. My response to them would be, "and your point is?"

That said, there is no denying that Hollerado has earned this award above and beyond all other bands this past year. Whether you look at their residency tour in February (28 shows, 28 days, 7 cities, rotating cycle), traveling to China not once but twice in the year, or their current half-world tour, there is no denying that these four guys are completely committed to this band.

Still unsigned, a great deal of the band's expenses have been covered by the boys themselves, and coordination for recording, merch and gigs have basically been planned by the band, friends, and promoters who they cuddled up to. Fortunately, I wasn't the only one to see this band's worth and the boys won Ottawa radio station Live 885's Big Money Shot, worth a whopping $250,000.

I challenge any other band in the world to try to steal this award from the boys for 2010.

-I'm off to party "Tipsy Eve" with Arse and a bunch of east coasters... save me