Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shanies: Most Improved Player

You know what's great? Egg nog and rum. Seriously, I would like to shake the hand of the genius that thought of that winning combination. Hell... for that matter, who ever thought of egg nog? What the hell is egg nog? I mean, yes, there is egg in it... but what the fuck is the nog?

A new award to the Shanies this year, the most improved player was created to accommodate a band who I couldn't justify giving album of the year, (though many publications did) however, has shown one of the most marked changes between their last album and their most recent effort. The best part is that they're from my home sweet home of Manitoba.

*Drum roll* (although I guess this isn't that suspenseful since there's only like 5 good bands from the Tobe).

The award goes to Propaghandi, for their incredible work on the album Supporting Caste. Now don't get me wrong, Potemkin City Limits was a good punk album, as was Empires, as was Less Talk, as was How to Clean Everything. Propaghandi has always been a solid, angry, politically outspoken punk band, and this was precisely why Supporting Caste blew me away.

brb... nog break

As I was saying, Supporting Caste contains everything I'd come to expect from a Propaghandi album (thought provoking lyrics, anti-establishmental songs, a shot at HNIC, and a way of making me feel guilty about nearly everything I do). However, this album, from a strictly musical standpoint, was a HUGE leap forward in the band's development. Yes, I suppose this would still be called a punk album, however with the intricate songwriting, progressive riffs and completely unforeseeable transitions and changes, the album feels more like a prog rock or metal album.

In short, whether you've liked them in the past, or whether or not you like punk rock... consider giving Supporting Caste a chance... these prairie punks have earned it.

-Dream the shimmering dark dream that burns you from the inside out