Saturday, December 26, 2009

Shanies: Song of the Year

Yesterday was the expected insanity of family, food, wine and presents. As one could guess, I likely put on around an extra 2kg yesterday alone, and with the amount of leftovers currently sitting in my sister's fridge, I don't see that kind of pace slowing down anytime soon.

But enough about me... more about Mutemath. Once again, with the juggernaut of a year known as 2009, this was a difficult category. The Vultures had some rockers which stuck in my head, Black Crowes new album was FULL of amazing tracks, and Jack White even pumped out a few awesome tracks... through a few different bands. My decision was made by what song got stuck in my head most often throughout the past year, and the decision became quite clear.

Mutemath's entire Armistice album was incredible, however the 3rd track, Clipping, was an achievement of music which I found myself singing on countless walks throughout my new city of Toronto. The incredible layers of guitar, synth, piano and upright bass break through to some spine-chilling vocal harmonies in the chorus and then, just when you think the song can't get more amazing, the breakdown blows your mind. Mutemath has always had a humbling ability to write thick, complex and beautiful songs, and Clipping is, in my opinion, their current masterpiece.

If you disagree... let me know what you think.

-Don't let the bastards drag you down