Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Strange People, Awesome Results

I don't know whether I should file today's post under 'review', 'recommendation', or 'insane ramblings', but at minimum, I can guaruntee good, clean, wholesome fun for the whole family (except for people who swear in front of Fred Penner). I have to give complete credit for finding this gem to Monsignor Jeremy Turowetz (of Shaking Judy and My Bedroom fame).

Ok, I can only give the Coles Notes, because to do this justice, you really have to read it yourself. Some dude chases his dog into a parallel reality where The Beatles never broke up (Mark David Chapman must have opted to shoot Yoko instead), steals a tape (because CDs and digital media never caught on) of The Beatles unheard stuff and brings it back to our reality. He admits it's crazy and refuses to reveal his identity but has created an entire webpage about the experience.

You with me so far?

Now, he's been kind enough to convert the tape to mp3 format and made it available for the world to download, which I highly recommend you do. I won't get into the number of ways this is so ridiculously insane it's not even funny (ok, it still kinda is), however I will comment on the audio its self. While I am 99.99999% positive this man is so full of shit that his green eyes turned brown, one can not deny in incredible production value of this album, or the ability to mimic the Liverpool foursome so incredibly well.

Once you get past the crazy-hobo-waggling-his-penis-at-traffic feeling, the album is actually really, really good (really). It honestly feels exactly like what it claims to be; a natural progression of where The Beatles would have gone. This isn't simply a rip off of greatest hits and a re-imagining of old albums, the producer has actually thought through how future musical styles would affect The Beatles, and how that would tailor their sound. Granted, it seems to draw quite heavily on vibes from Wings, however I suppose that would make sense if McCartney never had to create Wings.

Sadly, there's no convenient little video for you to watch today, however I implore you to go read the story, and listen to the album. Once you've had a listen, I encourage you to leave comments on where you feel this man lies on the thin line separating insanity and genius.

-My kinda crazy's just to straight for kinds like you