Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day 3: Thank God that's sorted

I know you were all in a great deal of suspense. Personally, I was getting quite anxious too. It had been around a full day and a half, and I had yet to broach the topic. I was worried. I was paranoid. I was prepared to swallow my pride. Then, like the first ray of sunlight breaking across the morning sky, my savior arrived; they have a portable toilet. Wheeling into my room like some ergonomic God, I could almost hear the angelic choirs on high as it was plopped directly beside my bed and I was told to simply ring when I was done.

All things considered, yesterday was one of the longest, dullest days of my life. Big thanks to Mish and Willsy for stopping by for a bit. Aside from that, I watched a movie, read half of The God Delusion by Dawkins and generally found amusing ways to waste away the day. I've also noticed that nurses in England are obsessed with giving you painkillers. I've been refusing them since I got here since I'm not in pain, but they keep trying to pressure me into it.

I was given some slightly more unfortunate news yesterday. Apparently, my best case scenario of having surgery on Friday would still involve anywhere from 1-3 days in the hospital to monitor my recovery and make sure I can get around on my own. Personally though, I’m not that worried because as Iain put it, “It’s not like they can keep you here.” If I’m feeling good enough to leave, then fuck that… peace I’m out.

Been listening to a lot of Hey Rosetta! this morning. The old album, not the new, as I find it more mysterious and powerful. You know, as though I need something to get me more riled up for the big day I have ahead of myself. If you want to learn a bit more about HR, look back here.

Today is another day where my sole task in life is to reduce swelling on my left ankle. While this might seem like a perfect segway into talking about the Swollen Members, that would be far too easy. Instead, I want to introduce you to another Canadian hip hop artist, Shad.

Shadrach Kabango is a London, ON based MC who has shot up in recent Canadian popularity after being nominated for the Polaris prize. If you’re curious, this year’s winner was Dan Snaith, otherwise known by his moniker, Caribou. Let’s all take a moment to thank Stephen Harper for cutting funding from this prize and putting it’s future in jeopardy after only 3 years of existence.

He financed his first album, When this is Over, with winnings from a radio artist search contest during his time as an undergrad at Wilfred Laurier. In true form of my hip hop appreciation, his lyrics cut apart the rap stereotype and instead focused on global issues such as the Rwandan genocide.

His second release, The Old Prince, was just released this year and was nominated at the Junos for best rap recording. While pushing forth this album, Shad is also still pursuing a Masters part time. So not only is he a bright guy but, as you can see below, he has an awesome sense of humor.

-Moonlit by day