Monday, October 13, 2008

Night and Day

As I try to shake off the turkey-induced letharga (thank you Mr. Swanson and Ms.Kubacki), I remind myself that Monday morning, means blog time. I've already woken up at 6:30 and gone for a run after eating enough turkey to take down a bull moose last night. However, my job is not complete until I have delivered music to your digital doorstep.

In yet another horribly cheesy play on words with today's title, I'm going to introduce you to Mr. Jon Day. I met Jon back in 2000 when I started getting involved in the a cappella community at McGill (which, I've already begrudgingly admitted to, ad nauseam). Jon wore this bright red toque and was (and still is) a musical genius. His arrangements were always soulful and intricate, unexpected and moving.

Jon went on to start arranging for a group. Around 2 years ago, he brought together a handful of singers and a backup band and made a project called exhibit A. Along with one of the most incredible and energetic live performances (which I missed... but heard was great), he released a 5 track EP with the same name.

Now, two years later, Mr. Day has brought his body of work together for round 2: exhibit B. As of today, the CD and mp3s go on sale, and on Oct. 22, he will be performing live at Espace Dell'Arte in Montreal. If you are in the city of joy, I highly recommend you check it out.

Sadly, there will be no catchy videos today. You can check out a couple of clips of Jon's tracks on his website. If you swing on over to Oxford and ask me nice, I might be able to show you some of his old stuff from exhibit A as well.

-Rumors and slander is all she said.